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This is the 3rd brand of menstrual cup I’ve used, and it’s my favorite. No leaks except when overfull, which only happened a couple times because of the large capacity. (My IUD causes extra heavy flow) It’s a firm silicone, but not thick so it stays in place and opens easily with zero discomfort. I love the shape and length. And the extra details, like the flower print and leaf “stem” add charm. I’m someone who’s learning to appreciate my period instead of dread it, and this menstrual cup helps with that journey.

Seths fairy


Finally found a good cup

The first day was a blast. Kind of funny. Maybe it’s due to the firmness and circumference, but I felt extremely euphoric after inserting for a few hours. The punch down method is the easiest. I didn’t feel any discomfort. There was a little leakage during the end of the first 12 hour period, so I’d recommend a panty liner for the first try add a back up method. Overnight there were no leaks at all. When I removed it there was no odors… the blood smelled like my normal cinnamon like discharge. I sniff my full cups for some reason… whatever lol. This is a must buy. The steam isn’t noticeable at all. The only con if there is one. I couldn’t remove easily initially. Which is good if you think about it. I had to bare down like going #2 until to stem was there. I actually had to grip the bottom of the cup itself to break to suction. If you had IUD as ur doctor you could pull it out. That suction is strong.

Great sized cup!

This is my cup y’all. Holds 43 ml to the rim.


This is an awesome cup for a woman with a super heavy period. It’s capacity is huge. The only other cup I can use without leaks is the super Jennie. I still prefer the super Jennie due to the smooth outer, but I know lots of women like the textured outer of this cup to help with removal. I due wish there were more options for high capacity cups, so happy to have found this one!


Finally no leaks

This is my 4th cup, and finally no leaks. My only complaint is that it is too soft making the process of opening and sealing more difficult. With my Diva 2 it just popped in and sealed very quick. But besides that fact, it is the first cup that actually prevent any leaks ❤

My cervix always filled the cups and that’s why I had leaks, and no matter if it was a short cup cause it would slide up ending my cervix filling it anyway, causing leaks without the cup even being filled. With this one, cervix is still inside the cup but because its high capacity I have no leaks anymore.

I would highly recommend this cup, although I hope you have a firmer style any soon!


So glad I found this one since I was about to …


This is the third cup I’ve tried and it’s my goldilocks!! (Have a small diva and a large blossom). I have a high cervix and this is the only cup that doesn’t leak or get lost up there! So glad I found this one since I was about to give up on cups! I have had 2 vaginal births BTW. Shipping was also very quick!


I love this cup

I have tried 3 different top name brand menstrual cups. 2 of them would give me severe pelvic cramps I think the suction was to strong, and the other one was difficult to expand when inserted. I love this cup. I have heavy periods and this is the largest cup on the market. Unlike other cups this one is not opaque so you don’t see any staining marks over time like the clear cups. This cup does not cause any cramps and expands easily and comfortable. Highly recommend this cup. Just bought one for my daughter.


But I’m glad I bought it and will be using it monthly

My cervix is high so I couldn’t use the regular cups. This cup is long enough so I have no problems getting it out. The silicon is a bit stiff so I found that it did hurt a bit taking it in and out. But once I used a lubricant putting it in was much easier. But I’m glad I bought it and will be using it monthly. Much better then tampons!


Love it!

This is my 4th brand of cup I have tried, and so far my favorite. It is comfortable and I can’t even feel the stem, opens easily although a soft cup, pretty color and high capacity — more capacity than my Super Jennie.

J Robinson

Best I ever used

Quick shipping. Very cute appearance, very different from other cups. Safe, reliable product, very high capacity. Purchased some months ago and tested for months. Best I ever used.


Great for super flow.

Finally a cup for super flow! Love it.

Kimberly J.

So Pretty

I’m chosing these cups (small, medium, large) cus it looks so pretty.
but now this so useful and easy.


I highly recommend it for those who have high cervix

Tried multiple period cups and they all leaked because I have a high cervix. I ordered the extra long size (medium) and it didn’t leak! I highly recommend it for those who have high cervix!

S. J. A.

Highly recommended! I love this cup!

I can highly recommend this menstrual cup!

In May 2016 we organized a small private aid project for internally displaced women in an IDP refugee camp near Abuja, Nigeria. We had learned the women had to use rags etc. for their periods which often results in infections. So we wanted to help out with menstrual cups as they offer leak free protection for up to 12 hours, are easily to keep in a hygienic condition by simply boiling in clean water, they don’t cause any more waste (waste disposal is a huge problem in the camp) and they can last for many years, that means the women don’t have to worry about buying menstrual hygiene products for a long time.

The Nigerian owner of “Luv Ur Body” didn’t hesitate to support us! And so we were able to help around 80 women with menstrual cups, including a little workshop to teach about the proper use, hopefully making their lives a lot easier. You can find pics of our project in the refugee camp of Kochingoro on LuB’s social media 🙂

Of course I was also trying a LuB cup myself and I don’t want any other cup since! The quality is great, the material is soft yet the rim is firm enough for the cup to open up easily. I often had problems with this with the cup I used before (Meluna) which often didn’t pop up properly, so I had to fumble around a lot and a few times it leaked. Not so with the LuB! Inserting it is so easy, it pops up properly and I never had a leak since! My pelvic floor muscles are pretty strong but still the cup opens up easily and stays perfectly in place. Removal is also fairly easy, it has this pretty leaf stem that helps you locate the cup, then I slightly pinch the base to remove the suction and gently pull it out gripping the base. It’s easy to hold and not slippery due to the flower pattern on the outside of the cup.
Cleaning it is super easy, too, just rinse with water before reinserting it. At the beginning and end of each cycle I also boil it in water for several minutes, no fancy equipment needed.

And let’s be honest: This cup is one of the most beautiful on the market! I just love the flower pattern, I only wish the larger sizes (I’m using an M) would come in this lovely two-color-pattern, too! Sizes M and L come in either clear, red or green. I have a red cup and there are no stains, the material doesn’t change its color (my old cup did), still looks like new. The cup comes with a pretty cotton pouch to store it while not in use, and I love its cherry pattern 🙂

Many women in the refugee camp told us they have a very heavy flow, often with clots, and if they can use the cups. The answer is a definite yes! I think the LuB cups are the best on the market for a very heavy flow as they have much more capacity than most other brands. They might look quite large, but they are super comfortable to wear, I don’t feel mine at all. I never want another cup again!

+ opens up easily, no fumbling, no leaking
+ comfortable to wear, is not felt when wearing it
+ great for heavy flow as it has much more capacity than most other brands
+ hygienic material, easy to keep clean
+ no leaks! I’m going swimming and doing sports with my cup and it never leaked or dislocated (happened to me before with my old cup)
+ It’s beautiful 🙂
+ comes with a pretty and good quality cotton pouch for storage
+ can be worn for up to 12 hours, I also never had any leak during the night
+ saves a ton of money for tampons or pads as it’s reusable for many years
+ environmentally friendly, no more waste by pads and tampons
+ great customer service!


Luv Ur Body – good for high cervix

I tried this cup for two periods, after trying the Diva cup for two periods. I specifically sought this out because of it’s height, after comparing different ones via a chart I’d found online. I will note, it was shipped from outside USA, so order well before cycle is due – think maybe from Europe. It was packaged nicely in sealed tear-open pack. Strange instructions in many languages (said u could pee on it to rinse – eeewwww).

Pros: cup is taller than many others, thus making it easier to retrieve due to my high cervix (cannot even touch cervix when trying to measure length); stem was flat and wide so easier to reach. Didn’t leak.

Cons: I have a high pelvic arch, so not sure everyone has similar experience with this cup, but I felt like it gets tougher to push into canal unless I am in perfect position (like hitting the bone). Platypelloid birth canal shape. One day of each period, the cup didn’t fully open. It didn’t leak either time though. Rim seems more rigid than Diva cup, so felt more solid and had to fold to retrieve, not just pinch a bit. This is a little more difficult during insertion compared to Diva.

I retried the Diva cup on my last heavier day and remembered why I disliked it. It takes a lot of bearing down & multiple attempts to take out Diva (thus irritation). Need fingernails to grip Diva stem, but then scratch lining of canal accidentally. I still prefer this cup for ease of removal, as the length & stem just work better for me.


I loved it! I have a very high cervix and …

This was my second Luv Ur Body cup. I loved it! I have a very high cervix and this has been amazing. So, I happily ordered a second one and have used it for 5 months so far.

Anne Marie T.

No more pushing, heaving, or willing my fingers to grow a 1/2 an inch!

I originally purchased a Diva cup 1 and had a horrible time managing it, with regard to removing the cup. I realized I may have not fully grasped the varying positions one’s cervix could have based on time/event. I am 5’4″, 29 y/o, never had a child. I have an IUD that I occasionally have to check for it’s attached strings and have had some difficulty reaching those at times, but attributed this primarily to having short fingers. When shopping for a menstrual cup I assumed that given the Diva cup was the brand I had always heard of surely they’re size options would cover my needs. After giving it the best I had over multiple cycles and on one particularly frustrating removal attempts I tossed it directly into the trash, once I finally was able to remove it.

I consulted forums, reviews, and multiple friends who had the same cup and none of them seemed to have the issues I was having. I adopted their techniques and tried to stay patient, but realized I simply did not have the right menstrual cup for my body. After a significant amount of research I settled on the Luv Ur Body cup. I chose it primarily because of it’s overall length and solid reviews.

It arrived much earlier than it was projected to arrive, which was great, because I thought I’d have to wait until my next cycle to test it out, but was able to put it to use just 2 days after it arrived. The shape is more oval than the rounded Diva cup. It didn’t look significantly longer than the Diva cup, but I could certainly tell it had more to it. When folded the diameter was appropriately the same as the Diva cup, so there were no issue with insertion. I felt like it popped open and into place without any difficult spinning or squeezing. The cup instantly found a comfortable position, as if it wasn’t even there. On day one I attempted to remove it after roughly 10 hours. I did not have any leakage and was able to immediately grasp the stem. With a soft pull the cup’s suction was broken and I was able to pull it down enough to grasp the base of the cup in order to fold it a bit as it made it’s grand exit. No pushing, heaving, or willing my fingers to grow a 1/2 an inch. It was seamless.

I was so pleased and knew this is how all of this was meant to work! So, if you feel like you have a high cervix during your menstrual flow, if you have short fingers, or a combination of both, the Luv Ur Body cup could be your perfect fit. Unfortunately, this isn’t a pair of jeans that you can try on all the sizes and get just the right match. However, having purchased a second one within a few months of each other it was completely worth the cost. Just remember how much you will be saving on monthly products and how well you’re treating your body by removing the direct application of foreign chemicals!


Love it!

I just got my large red cup yesterday. It came just in time, and I was able to try out immediately.

Sleeping with it was pleasant, but my real struggle has been having a cup with enough capacity when I’m at work. I work at a coffee/sandwich shop, and don’t always have time to take care of emptying a cup when I can get a fast break.

No more worries!!!

This cup took care of me on the heaviest day of my cycle, and was so very cute while it did so.

This cup is way cuter than the picture. The flowers are pretty, and functional (no need to rotate the cup to form a seal). The leaf stem adds to the design.

This cup isn’t as firm as my Lena cups (my very favorites from before), but I’m used to cups enough that was no issue.

Pretty, and lives up to its description.



MG THIS IS THE ONE! I was having issues with other cups leaking but not a single leak with this one! I know every woman’s body is different, but I would recommend anyone out there having issues with leaking to look up a chart that compares the mm diameter of all the menstrual cups to see if diameter size may possibly be an issue for you. I have had three kids though and my youngest is 2. Before having her I didn’t have so much problems with other cups, but I think my body is different after her, or maybe still recovering…who knows. But this is definitely worth every penny…I don’t have a single leak with this one!


Best one I’ve tried

Okay, so my post is going to get into all the gory details so be prepared!
As a virgin and first time menstrual cup user I was a bit worried about the learning curve. However, I had absolutely no problem with inserting it using the c fold and then using my thumb and forefinger to wiggle it until it popped open. I wore a liner just in case but I had absolutely NO leaks on a heavy flow day. My cervix is relatively lower dying my menstrual cycle but this cup was a good fit.
When it came to taking it out I was a little worried since I had heard so many horror stories. But I gripped the bottom of the cup with my thumb and forefinger (not the stem) I found that this helps break the seal and makes it easier to pull out. When you take it out be sure to bare down sort of like, I’m assuming, what it would feel like to push a baby out. Removal was a little more painful because it’s a bit wider and I’m getting the hang of it. There was no mess. Simply dumped it in the toilet and rinsed it in the sink. The one thing I wasn’t really prepared for was the white discharge on the outside of the cup, but it turns out this is perfectly normal. I guess it’s the body’s way of keeping it lubricated? Not sure.
I have ovarian cysts and usually my cramps are pretty bad and I don’t know if it was the cup or not but I had no cramps this past cycle.
I couldn’t feel the cup as long as I wasn’t thinking about it. When I thought about it I could feel it but it wasn’t uncomfortable. It was just there. The stem didn’t get in the way.
I had tried another cup but it was so soft it didn’t work. This cup was much firmer and the bell shape worked well for me. Of course this is personal preference and some people prefer a softer cup or different shape.
But I absolutely love it and will not be going back to tampons or pads.


Great Capacity Menstrual Cup

I love this cup. At first I was having trouble with leaking. That all worked out when I got the hang of it .The capacity to this Luv ur body cup is 39mil to the air holes, and 45 to the rim it has more capacity than the super jenny.



Glad I made the switch!

Wonderful product! Really helps reduce my waste.

I don’t have any problems with leaking, but do sometimes have problems with the cup overfilling, so I may try a large (I have a medium). There is a day where I still need to wear a pad in case I can’t change it out at work. It took a bit to get used to washing it out in a public restroom but I have managed to make it work. I had one problem with it leaking because I didn’t check that it was covering my cervix. So much better than combining a super tampon and super pad and still having to change both out in like three hours. Instead now on my heaviest day I just need the pad for backup and sometimes the cup overfills but if I change it every four or five hours it works and I don’t have to sit in a soaked pad or anything.

This is the only cup I’ve used but so far it’s a great fit for me!


The best out there!

This is the best menstrual cup ever! Low cervix and had issues with the diva cup leaking. Hated it and read reviews for other low cervix cups but the cons def. outweighed the pros for all other cups. I Also went thru a crazy hormonal stage (after having 3 kids) where periods were so heavy!! It was terrible but the large luvurbody was def. the solution. No leaks at all!! And so comfortable!! I ordered a Large and absolutely love it! The designs on it are lovely! The fabric pouch that comes with it is so feminine and subtle. Love it! I’ve read of ppl needing to cut the stem off but I didn’t need to even with a low cervix. Customer service is also outstanding!!! Hope this helps someone out there as it helped me. Love it!!!


Best cup

I am from Germany, and I tried lots of cups till I found Luv Ur Body Cups! Size Large fits me perfectly… it is made from quality materials, doesn’t have a smell and has a great price!!


Love this a lot more then tampons

Love this a lot more then tampons. Really recommend trying this! My Luv Ur Body is, to me, more comfortable than Lena or LadyCup!


Best cup ever!

Perfect! Smooth fitting, holds even during the heaviest nights, comfortable and very cute! No mess, no fuss with it. Clean hands, no ‘smells’! Very satisfying! Highly recommend!

Mirela budimir-bekan

LUB Review

For the past 6 months I’ve been on a journey discovering menstrual cups. It’s interesting, there’s not 1 cup that will work for all women. Each woman will need to embark on a journey of her own to find the right menstrual cup for her anatomy and her menstruation. I’ve found my “goldilocks” cup in the Luv Ur Body size Large. I didn’t expect this cup to work so well for me as it has a very unique shape, however, the shape is what makes it perfect for me. It’s as if this cup was designed according to my anatomy. I also LOVE the color, I have to deep green. My “goldilocks” cup had to meet the following criteria:

1. Be able to hold my heaviest flow throughout the night without any leaking
2. Colored (as I do not want to see any staining)
3. Smooth insertion
4. Fuss-free opening (no fingers up there)
5. Comfortable (I don’t want to feel anything)

My LUB excelled in each of these criteria.

R. Martin

Five Stars

I love it!

Kim, Ji Sook

The best cup ever.

I have a regular to heavy flow I use the medium size and is really comfortable and you don’t need to be worried you can use it more than 12 hours not leaking.
I have lunette, diva, super Jennie all of them is leaking for me . The best cup for me is Luv Ur Body I will buy the small size. Definitely I recommend!!!!


Better than Tampons

Love this a lot more then tampons. Really recommend trying this! My Luv Ur Body is, to me, more comfortable than Lena or LadyCup!



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